Our Philosophy of Care

We practice in a relationship-based way, caring about you as an individual and whole person. We are patient-centered. This means we schedule ample time for each patient and are eager to answer your questions and discuss all aspects of oral health. We want you to not only feel comfortable, but also feel in control. We want you to be fully informed so you can make the healthy choices that are best for you. Because we want you to have the best care possible, we strive to make our care as affordable as we can.

We are focused on health, and we perform cosmetic procedures that support oral health and will predictably function long term. Our concern for you is comprehensive—with the benefit of our treatment adding to your quality of life. When your mouth is restored to optimal condition, according to a comprehensive treatment plan, you will likely require less restorative dentistry over your lifetime.

Restoring and maintaining a Mint Condition smile includes:

  • Thorough dental examinations and diagnostic evaluations
  • Comprehensive treatment planning, taking into account the health, appearance and function of your entire mouth, jaws, and supporting musculature
  • Patient participation in current oral health evaluation and treatment planning
  • Expertise of the dentist to help you achieve maximum oral health and restore your teeth to comfort, function, and natural beauty
  • Dental treatment compatible with long-term health and function
  • Regular oral health checkups and teeth cleaning
  • Periodic teeth whitening, which can be part of your home care
  • Supporting patients’ efforts in making healthy choices and developing healthy habits for a healthy and unblemished smile.