When Should I Change My Electronic Toothbrush Head?

A rechargeable power toothbrush can significantly increase the effectiveness of your twice daily brushing. Here is our recommendation from Mint Dental in Bradenton, Florida, about when to change your toothbrush head.

The brush heads of power toothbrushes are made to be replaced because the bristles become splayed and matted after twice-daily brushing for three to four months. In a damaged state, the bristles will not clean as effectively and can actually harm teeth and gums.

Research shows that a new brush head is nearly 30% more effective at cleaning teeth than a head that is three to four months old. Check to see if your power toothbrush head has a color-change indicator to remind you when it’s time for a new head. If your electronic toothbrush does not have a reminder indicator, mark your calendar for a new brush head every three months. We recommend that you keep extra brush heads handy so when the right time comes, there is no delay.

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