Family Dentistry

At Mint Dental in Bradenton, Dr. Monika Aneja and her entire team thoroughly enjoy working with patients of all ages, from 2 to 100+.

We are a private dental practice that focuses on one patient at a time. Our philosophy is to give you our full attention and the highest quality care. Patients with dental anxiety will feel safe and comfortable here.

Through regular preventive and restorative care, we will help you preserve your natural teeth for your lifetime and minimize the amount of dentistry you will need in the future. We provide dental restorations that are not only comfortable and beautiful, but also are predictably long lasting, because they take into account the function and health of your entire masticatory system.

Children are welcome here!

Dr. Aneja gently introduces children to dental exams and treatments, and we all strive to make each visit by your children a fun and nurturing experience. We enjoy teaching children about their oral health and optimal hygiene, and we do all we can to help parents maintain their children’s oral health. From pediatric dental check-ups and cleanings… to early detection and treatment of dental decay… to gentle extraction of teeth that don’t easily come out on their own, we will work together to give your children a comfortable and happy experience every time they come here.

Adults with simple needs to complex oral health issues are all welcome and encouraged to call!

If you are seeking a friendly private dental practice that will focus on your individual needs, provide comprehensive diagnosis of any problems, fully inform you in an honest way about your oral health circumstances, make a careful and thoughtful treatment plan that takes into account your preferences as well as your needs, and then work with you to achieve optimal results, you have found the right place!

Dr. Aneja is focused on health and function. She strives to provide her patients with a full understanding of their oral health and the factors that have caused problems to develop and need attention. Dr. Aneja has the expertise and passion to give you the best that Dentistry has to offer today. You can trust our dentist to understand the affects of your medications on your oral comfort; to understand the risks you have for gum disease and dental decay based on your dental and medical history; to understand the causes of your oral health circumstances; to understand the anxiety you may feel about dentistry; to plan comprehensive treatment that will improve your oral health, comfort, function and aesthetics; and to help you achieve your oral health goals through phased treatment in a caring, happy environment.

Would you like to learn more about our practice?

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