Turn Back the Clock

Ant-AgingDentistryMonika Aneja, D.M.D. at Mint Dental of Bradenton, FL is an expert in smile makeovers and maintaining oral health as patients age.

It seems that nearly every month new research findings are announced that link oral health to systemic health. If nothing else, you’ve likely read something in the last year correlating gum inflammation with heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or any number of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The truth is that dentists have long known that maintaining healthy gums and teeth is critical to keeping your teeth for your lifetime, for optimizing your long term general health, and for maintaining the quality of your life as you age.

Think about it: a healthy mouth improves your odds of living a long and happy life. Even if you have not thought about slowing down the aging process “dentally,” you may have thought about rejuvenating your appearance by whitening your teeth, replacing old silver fillings with tooth-colored ones, and repairing worn down and cracked teeth. Today, we can replace missing teeth with prosthetic teeth fixed on dental implants, and dental implant therapy is now the gold standard of care, fast replacing treatment or retreatment with removable dentures or traditional dental bridges fixed on crowns.

Adult patients, and especially now baby boomers, are restoring their teeth and improving their smiles with a wide range of conservative, long-lasting treatments that can be easily achieved with predictable results. Today, we have the materials and methods to make natural-looking, beautifully functioning teeth that match the original color of your youth. It’s now commonplace to align adult teeth with clear aligners, remove or cover stains, color match teeth, reshape them, and improve the gum contours around them. Sometimes, it’s as simple as whitening the teeth or performing a bit of composite bonding or applying porcelain veneers. Sometimes, damaged teeth need to be crowned or replaced with bridges or dentures, which fortunately can be supported on dental implants for long-lasting best function, easy maintenance and lifelike appearance.

Dr. Monika Aneja has the skills, tools, imaging and materials to make her work precise. She offers financing options and strives to make your dentistry affordable. She also prides herself in improving the health and wellbeing of her patients. She is meticulous about ensuring best outcomes and focuses on quality care.

To improve your whole body health and/or restore that winsome, engaging smile your spouse fell in love with years ago, give us a call today. All comprehensively planned and expertly achieved dentistry is rejuvenating. A whiter, brighter smile can take ten years off of your appearance. What age-defying things would you like to do?