How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The dental implants cost is variable, depending on which teeth are being restored and how many. Front teeth are often more difficult to restore with implants than back teeth because more time is spent designing implants on front teeth and special custom parts are used. Depending on your circumstances, you may need a bone graft or other periodontal treatment first. In the case of an upper tooth, you may even need a procedure called a sinus lift. Fortunately, many dental implant placements can be done easily, but it is not uncommon for a patient to need a bone graft to increase the bone that will hold the implant. The need for a bone graft is more likely if you have been missing a tooth for a long time, and the bone has undergone resorption.

Because we are answering the question of dental implants cost specifically for the Bradenton area of Florida, we can talk about the range of fees you are likely to encounter in 2014. There are multiple procedures involved, which add up to the total.

Dental Implants Procedure

Let’s say you are receiving a single dental implant and do not need a bone graft and the bone is healthy. In this case, a thorough exam and diagnostic workup is performed with imaging, the most appropriate implant for you is selected, the dental implant itself (which is a prosthetic tooth root) is placed in the jawbone, healing occurs and bone grows strongly around the implant (anchoring it tightly), an attachment is placed on the implant to hold the future crown, gum healing occurs around the attachment, and then a prosthetic tooth is placed on the implant. The dental implants procedure typically takes 3-4 months. A total of four clinical visits are involved. Bone graft and sinus lift procedures generally require more healing time, and the process may take up to 6 months from start to finish.

If a specialist, such as an oral surgeon or periodontist, places the implant and does the follow up exam and places the attachment prior to the dentist designing the crown, two clinicians are involved – the specialist and the dentist. Generally, in the case of specialist involvement, the cost of a dental implants procedure is greater.

More Dental Implants Information

In our part of Florida, if you are replacing a single lower molar, with a high quality implant and custom prosthetic restoration for optimal function and appearance, the cost could range from $3,500-$6,000. This total cost can go up if an injured tooth needs to be extracted first, bone grafting is required, and/or a sinus lift procedure is required, or you have an infection in the bone or gum tissue. The total cost can be lower if your dentist is performing all of the procedures in one office, i.e., a specialist is not involved

At Mint Dental in Bradenton, dental implants procedure is priced at the lower end of the fee range, and Dr. Munoz uses only Straumann dental implant systems. Straumann implant systems are based on the latest science. They are the most scientifically tested in the world and of the highest quality.

How To Manage Your Dental Implants Cost

If a bridge or partial denture is used to replace a missing tooth, the initial cost may be lower. However, long term, the cost may equal or exceed that of an implant. Here is why: With an implant, bone loss is stopped and shifting of adjacent teeth prevented. Your facial structure, and thus your appearance, is most likely to stay the same. Your bite is stronger, allowing you to eat a full diet of nutritious foods. If you wear a removable partial denture, each time you remove it to clean your teeth and put it back in, you might be putting force on the attachment teeth and one day find you have a loose attachment. You also might damage your attachment teeth. If you have a fixed bridge anchored with crowns on adjacent teeth, crown placement requires the cutting down of your teeth to fit the crowns.

Due to the benefits of the dental implants procedure, they are considered the standard of care in replacement of missing teeth. Dental implants are so predictably long lasting that they can actually minimize future dental costs.

A stable bite, confident smile, improved access for oral hygiene, “minimal dentistry,” natural appearance, and better nutrition all add up to a higher quality of life and better total health for you.

At Mint Dental, we do not charge for the initial Dental Implant consultation. And all associated clinical procedures are performed by Dr. Sonja Munoz in her single office location.

If you are thinking about having a dental implant and live in the vicinity of Bradenton, Florida, we welcome you to schedule a complimentary dental implant consultation with imaging. We invite you to read more dental implants information and research our site to review dental implants procedure cases at Mint Dental in Bradenton. Call today and start on the path to a better you. Click here or Call us for your complimentary consultation or for dental implants information and learn what is possible for you.