Comprehensive Oral Exams in Bradenton, FL

Dr. Monika Aneja wants to get to know you and to evaluate your oral health through a co-discovery process, in which you take part. Together, you will take a tour of your mouth, talking about your dental history, the current state of your oral health, and your oral health concerns. At My Mint Dental, our entire care team wants to know your concerns and opinions. This will enable us to care for you most comfortably and help you achieve the results you want.

Dr. Aneja will gather information about the condition of your individual teeth, the gum and bone tissue surrounding your teeth, other soft tissue of your mouth, your chewing muscles, your jaw joints, and your occlusion (how your teeth come together and work against each other). She will study the health and comfort of these individually and how they work together in your mouth for your overall health, function and appearance.

Dr. Aneja will be looking for signs of dental decay, damage such as cracks in your dental enamel, and amount of wear and wear patterns on your teeth. She will be examining the status of your dental restorations (for example, your fillings, crowns, dentures, implant crowns and bridges, or bonding). She will be looking for signs of periodontal disease. She will evaluate your temporomandibular joint (TMD/TMJ) health and related muscle comfort or tenderness. She will examine your occlusion to learn how your teeth come together. She will be examining you for signs of oral cancer. Careful records will be made about your mouth, including digital x-rays, and your x-rays will be examined to find any dental problems below the gum line. Together, you will discuss your cosmetic concerns about your teeth and what you would like to improve in the way of appearance.

If you have need for immediate treatment, for example, a filling or periodontal cleaning, Dr. Aneja may be able to offer that treatment in conjunction with your exam. If you are aware of such a need, please let us know when you schedule your comprehensive exam.

Throughout the exam and conversational process, Dr. Aneja and her team will treat you like the special person you are. We believe our patients should have our undivided attention and the finest care. We’ll make your special time with us as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Give us a call today to schedule your new patient or annual comprehensive oral health exam.