Individualized Dental Treatment Plans for Best Results

At Mint Dental in Bradenton, we focus on each patient as a special person deserving of our personal attention and best care. We will advise you about how often you should have your teeth cleaned, how often you should have your mouth examined, and the best ways in which
Dr. Monika Aneja can solve your oral health and smile appearance problems. And, we will do this on an individualized basis.

Your oral health maintenance and treatment plans will be based on your unique mouth and set of oral health circumstances. Your personal treatment preferences also will play a role in how we go about improving, optimizing, and maintaining excellent oral health and a beautiful appearing smile.

In order to do our best, we need to spend conversation time with our patients. At every visit, we talk about changes in overall health, observations made relating to the health and appearance of the mouth, changes in patient behavior that may be affecting oral health, concerns patients or we may have about the current oral health circumstance, and the oral health goals that should be addressed.

We also talk about what is going on in the lives of our patients that will have a bearing on what we aim to achieve next. And, we talk about treatment options and their comparative advantages and disadvantages. We spend as much time as needed to fully disclose what is involved in treatments, their costs, and our payment options. No question is silly. All questions are addressed.

Sometimes, individualized treatment plans take a while to develop. For example, if you have multiple oral health problems, Dr. Aneja will spend time studying your dental records, models, and the best approach. She will then schedule a time to go over the options and her recommendations with you.

If you need time to think or want to have a significant person in your life be part of the consultation to help you make decisions, this is easily arranged. After full disclosure has been made, you have developed understanding of the WHY and HOW and COST, and your desire to proceed is established, then an appointment to begin treatment will be scheduled. At all times, Dr. Aneja wants you to feel empowered and in control of your oral health and dentistry choices.

Throughout life, your oral health conditions and needs change. What you have experienced and needed in the past many not be what you are experiencing and need now. Dr. Aneja has expertise in helping patients through all phases of life. At every age, you will likely face a new set of risk factors. Your current preventative and restorative dentistry should be based on your current medical history; the current health of your teeth, gum tissue, jaw bone tissue, jaw joints, occlusion (the way your teeth come together); the way you live now; and your current cosmetic and quality of life goals.

When you come to Mint Dental in Bradenton, we promise that you will be moving towards optimal oral health and appearance in the best way for you. Dr. Aneja takes pride in achieving fine dentistry that predictably lasts. You can trust her to not recommend treatments that are not in your best interest. If you want to do phased restorative treatments over extended periods of time, talk to her about planning your individualized treatment in this way. We are focused on one patient at a time, and helping you have the highest quality of care in the way that is most appropriate for you. Give us a call today–(941) 792-1447.