Preventive Oral Health Care

We are accepting new patients. Do not delay to make a dental hygiene appointment if it has been six months or more since you had a professional dental cleaning and checkup, or if you have concerns about puffy gums, bleeding gums, teeth discoloration, and/or gum or tooth sensitivity. At Mint Dental in Bradenton our dentist, registered dental hygienist and dental assistant will work as a team to ensure you have the highest level of preventative oral health care. We are known for our compassion and gentle thoroughness.

Detecting problems and treating them promptly before they advance is the goal of preventive care. Even if you are personally unaware of any oral health problems, it’s important that you have regular dental check-ups and professional teeth cleanings to spot problems early and to maintain a high level of oral health that prevents diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis from starting. Dr. Monika Aneja will recommend the frequency of those visits based upon your oral health circumstances.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are used to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and complete an accurate treatment plan. We use the latest digital technology that has reduced radiation exposure 80-90% compared to the already low exposure of traditional dental x-rays. Your digital images can be instantly viewed on a monitor and enlarged helping us easily see and show you certain problems.
Dental prophylaxis — A dental prophylaxis is a cleaning procedure performed to thoroughly clean the teeth and halt the progression of periodontal disease. Children, teens and adults should have a professional prophylaxis (also called a “prophy”) at least twice a year, and in some circumstances, more frequently.

Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

This is a deeper cleaning process using tools that clean the space between the gum tissue and the teeth down to the roots. This is not part of routine teeth cleaning and may require local anesthetic to numb the gums, as well as localized antibiotic placement to help with healing.

Fluoride Treatment

Topical fluoride strengthens the teeth once they have erupted by seeping into the outer surface of the tooth enamel, making the teeth more resistant to decay. Both children and adults benefit from a professional fluoride application once or twice a year during dental check-ups. Dr. Aneja may recommend a more personalized fluoride treatment regimen for high-risk cavity patients.


A thin, plastic coating can be applied to the chewing surface of molars, premolars and any deep grooves in your teeth to protect them with a smooth, easy to clean surface. Sealants can protect teeth from decay for many years, but need to be checked for wear and chipping at regular dental visits.

For a textbook definition on sealants, read this article.

Home Care

Your personal home care plays an important role in achieving a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. A healthy mouth starts by eating healthy balanced meals, reducing the number of snacks you eat between meals, reducing sipping sugary drinks such as juices and sodas throughout the day, and correctly cleaning your mouth to control the plaque and bacteria that cause dental disease. Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a manual soft toothbrush or, better yet, an electric toothbrush. Daily flossing is the best way to clean between the teeth and under the gum line. Flossing not only helps clean these spaces, it also disrupts plaque colonies from building up, thus preventing damage to the gums, teeth, and bone. While you are visiting with our oral hygienist, she will show you how to brush and floss most effectively. It is important to rinse your mouth with water after brushing, and also after meals if you are unable to brush. We may recommend other cleaning aids such as an interdental brush, rubber tip stimulator, and anti-bacterial mouth rinse.

Achieving and maintaining oral health is important for a lifetime of healthy smiles and overall systemic health. Learn more about The Importance of Periodontal Health.

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