Restorative & Cosmetic Procedures

When one or more teeth need restoration, or when you desire cosmetic changes, Dr. Monika Aneja at Mint Dental in Bradenton will be concerned with the resulting function, comfort, and esthetics. She will recommend treatment options that are well suited to your circumstances and goals. Because she focuses on quality over expedience, she will spend time paying attention to details during diagnostic work-up, treatment planning, and treatment. She may even test crown and bridge restorations made of acrylic in your mouth before your restorations are created in expensive porcelain. She has been well trained to use many procedures, some of which are listed below.

Teeth whitening — With in-office whitening we can whiten your teeth in one convenient session. Take home maintenance kits are also available to ensure permanent results.

Invisalign orthodontics — The Invisalign technique uses a series of removable clear aligner trays. These custom aligners gradually shift teeth into the desired position.

Porcelain veneers — Porcelain veneers can be used to cover chips, stained or discolored teeth, close gaps and even fix mildly crooked teeth. With today’s products, very minimal tooth preparation is involved.
Dental bonding — Dental bonding is the application of high-grade composite material to the front of your teeth. This is a more affordable though less enduring alternative for porcelain veneers.

Composite fillings — All fillings are composed of tooth-colored composite material that not only looks natural but also strengthens the tooth.
Porcelain onlays and inlays — More durable than composite fillings but less invasive than a crown, porcelain onlays and inlays are used for large cavities or very decayed teeth.

Porcelain crowns — When a tooth is too damaged the most appropriate restoration is a crown that encases the entire tooth above its roots. Dr. Aneja uses custom shaded porcelain crowns made to match the surrounding teeth. When a tooth is no longer savable, a dental implant provides a stable, safe and comfortable support for a crown.
Root canals — Prior to placing a porcelain crown, a root canal procedure may be required to clear infection from the tooth’s roots and pack them with sealing material. This procedure is completed in our office, though more complex cases may need referral to a root canal specialist. This procedure may need to be referred to a nearby root canal specialist, but Dr. Aneja will communicate with the specialist and we will help you schedule your appointment.

Tooth extraction — Sometimes a tooth is so damaged or infected that it must be removed. Fortunately, there are multiple options for replacing a lost tooth. If extraction is necessary Dr. Aneja will perform the procedure herself. The involvement of an oral surgeon may be necessary for more complex cases.

Dental bridges — A dental bridge is a prosthetic appliance used to fill the space where a tooth has fallen out or been removed. One or more false teeth are suspended between two anchoring crowns that go over the teeth on either side of the gap — or, the prosthetic is placed on a dental implant, leaving the teeth on either side of the gap unaffected by the bridge placement.

Dentures — A denture is a removable prosthetic for missing teeth that covers the surrounding gum tissue. Complete (full) dentures are used when all the teeth are missing. Partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain.

Dental implants —A dental implant is a tooth root replacement inserted in the jawbone. A prosthetic crown or bridge may be attached to an implant to provide for strong function and natural appearance. A few small implants can be placed in the jawbone to retain and stabilize a full over-denture. Dental implants are the most effective and durable method for replacing missing or removed teeth. The cost of a single implant may equal that of a bridge restoration but dental bridges typically last about only five to fifteen years before needing replacement or further treatment. Dr. Aneja will tell you about additional benefits of implants and the considerations that are important in making your treatment choice.

Nitrous sedation — Nitrous oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas,” is an option Dr. Munoz may offer to help make you more comfortable during certain procedures. It is not the type of sedation that will put you to sleep.

Gum recontouring — The contour of the gum line can be reshaped to create a more symmetrical and naturally esthetic appearance.

Crown lengthening — Excess gum tissue can be removed to reveal more length of teeth.

If you are in need of a compassionate dentist to care for your every need—from a simple checkup and cleaning … to restoration of a tooth that needs a filling or a crown … to replacement of a missing tooth … to solving multiple oral health problems … to cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile, we will focus on you as a special person deserving our time, attention, and the best of care. Call Mint Dental today!