Sports Mouth Guards

A custom-fitted mouth guard, available at Mint Dental of Bradenton, is made to fit your mouth. Custom-fitted sports guards are often more comfortable to wear than other varieties and better protect your teeth, lips, jaw and face than over-the-counter mouth guards.

A “dental guard,” or “sports mouth guard,” has many benefits. Every athlete, regardless of age, needs to add a mouth guard to his or her equipment bag, and wear it when playing sports. If you sustain a blow to the face or mouth, and you are wearing a mouth guard, it could protect you from concussion, as well as dental, soft tissue, neck, jaw, and jaw joint injury. One solid blow to the face without a mouth guard, and you may end up with life-altering injuries of both cosmetic and physical nature. If there is any potential for injury to the face, jaw, head, or neck when you’re enjoying your sport of choice, it’s time to purchase a mouth guard and learn how to use it.

If your child has a mouth guard from last season, Dr. Monkia Aneja can check to see if your child has outgrown it. Because custom mouth guards are relatively low cost and invaluable when it comes to safety, we urge you to have your child evaluated every sports season.

Team sports aren’t the only activities that warrant a sports mouth guard. In Florida where boating is common, we see many accidental facial and dental injuries, so invest in a mouth guard if your recreational activity of choice puts you at risk of hitting your face or mouth on a hard surface.

To care for your guard, rinse it with soapy water after use and store it in a case that has air holes so that it will dry completely. If you do not wash your mouth guard regularly, you will be introducing many potentially harmful bacteria into your mouth with every use.

For an affordable custom-fitted mouth guard for you or your child, please give us a call!