At Mint Dental of Bradenton, Dr. Monika Aneja is an expert in improving the appearance of smiles. Porcelain dental veneers are one of the most affordable ways you can achieve a smile makeover.

When properly done, dental veneers are long lasting and can even last the rest of your life without replacement. Under good occlusal conditions with healthy teeth and gum tissue, custom fit porcelain veneers are extremely durable. They do not stain. They strengthen the outside of teeth. They are not eroded by bacterial plaque or acidic foods. Because the tooth surfaces they shield do not undergo demineralization, they also help protect teeth from dental decay and sensitivity. If you have an accident and chip a veneer, it can be replaced with a new veneer or a matching dental crown. If you experience some gum recession as you age, your gum tissue can be improved and new matching restorations applied if necessary.

To make sure your veneers will be long lasting, Dr. Aneja will evaluate how your teeth come together when you bite, chew, speak, and are resting. She will take into consideration whether you grind your teeth at night. She will want to make sure that each tooth that is to receive a veneer is healthy and has sufficient dental enamel for preparation for veneer placement.

There may be other treatments to achieve your goals that would provide even more optimal results. She will spend time with you explaining the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options, as well as the process and fees involved—so you can make the decision that is right for you.

Sometimes a healthy smile makeover involves veneers on the front teeth and also crowns on worn and cracked molars. If you have lost a tooth, the healthiest smile makeover to last your lifetime may include a dental implant in addition to veneers and crowns where needed. Be open to the possibilities, because dentistry today offers so much more than ever before to give you a lifetime, durable smile you love.

At Mint Dental we care about our patients. We want the best for you and for you to be happy with your dentistry. You can trust Dr. Aneja for forthright honesty. Call us today for an initial appointment to learn if dental veneers are appropriate for you.

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