KöR Whitening at Mint Dental in Bradenton

Mint Dental in Bradenton, FL offers KöR Whitening, a highly effective deep tooth whitening that rejuvenates tooth structure and can be used with sensitive teeth. KöR Whitening is considered to be the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever developed, significantly whitening even difficult tetracycline-stained (dark) teeth-previously considered almost impossible to whiten. You can have your whitest teeth using at-home gel or having a combination of deep bleaching in one or two office visits, along with at-home whitening gel for darker, tougher-to-whiten teeth.

Kor WhiteningOver time, stains from foods and drinks (such as coffee, tea, red wine, ketchup, mustard, blueberries, etc.) become deeply embedded and packed in tooth microstructure. Other bleaching materials may have a very difficult time penetrating this microstructure to achieve whiter teeth. However, KöR’s system is extremely effective in penetrating the microstructure due to special whitening trays and gel. Kor whitening trays seal the gel onto the teeth much better than conventional whitening trays, preventing saliva contamination of the whitening gel which decreases the gel’s efficacy. KöR whitening gel is less viscous and more soluble, providing for more thorough release of bleaching factors into a tooth’s microstructure. The gel is more pH neutral, thus decreasing the sensitivity of the teeth during and after the whitening process due to a lower acidic environment . Lastly, Kor Whitening products are continuously refrigerated throughout all phases- of production, storage, shipping and delivery-keeping the bleaching gel stable and preventing it from breaking down into less effective byproducts.

Kor Whitening Process

The process begins with Dr. Aneja making molds of your teeth to create custom Kor Whitening trays that fit your teeth exactly and are ultra comfortable. You’ll be given KöR Whitening gel and instructed to wear the KöR Whitening trays for two weeks at home while you sleep. If necessary, you will have a visit with Dr. Aneja for an in-office whitening procedure, depending on the severity of your staining. The result is a healthy and natural-looking white smile! You will be able to do in-home touch-up whitening with periodic use of KöR Whitening gel in your custom trays as you deem necessary, to keep your teeth brilliantly white and bright!

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