Full Invisalign® Treatment $3,850 — $5,500 value

Custom orthodontic treatment using Invisalign’s clear, smooth aligners easily achieves optimal oral health and a naturally beautiful smile.  Patient is responsible for complete payment of this fee over and above what her or his insurance allows.

Dr. Sonja Munoz is a Certified Invisalign Provider who offers Invisalign treatment to not only teens but also adults of all ages. After an initial no-charge consultation to determine your orthodontic needs, Dr. Munoz will create an Invisalign treatment plan that is best for you, and answer your questions. No matter what your age, your appearance will be improved, your teeth will be aligned for a healthy bite relationship, and you will portray a confident smile. It is much easier to keep straight teeth clean compared to crowded ones, and as a result, your gum tissue health will improve as well. Better tooth alignment can also create an ideal starting point for more conservative treatment planning if you are looking to change tooth color and/or shape with future veneers or crowns.