At Mint Dental of Bradenton, we often see patients for the first time when they have an emergency like a broken tooth. We welcome those living in or visiting Bradenton, FL to call us if they have an urgent dental need and are seeking the quality care of a compassionate dentist.

Not all broken teeth are the result of an accidental blow. Multiple factors might have been involved. A dental cavity or large filling can weaken the tooth structure. Bruxism (nighttime teeth grinding) and malocclusion causing teeth to interfere with each other, can cause premature wear and weaken a tooth by causing multiple fine cracks in the dental enamel. In some cases, biting on something hard, like a nut shell or bone has caused the fracture. In other cases, normal chewing finally breaks off a portion of the tooth.

If you experience a broken tooth, you should see a dentist soon. A fracture that exposes tooth roots will be immediately painful and this is considered a dental emergency. If the fracture is only a chip, there may be no toothache. Nevertheless, the sharp edge will likely irritate your tongue, lips, or the inside of your cheeks. Untreated cracks and chips can become decayed.

At Mint Dental of Bradenton, Dr. Monika Aneja will gently care for your fractured tooth to ease discomfort and restore you to optimal oral health. Based on the condition of your broken tooth, you may need a crown, root canal and crown, or extraction followed by replacement with a bridge or implant crown. If your tooth is only slightly chipped, bonding or a porcelain veneer may be all you need. For urgent attention, simply call (941) 792-1447.

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